We are Maintenance Unlimited, Inc. A Commercial Cleaning Company serving El Paso and Las Cruces

Maintenance Unlimited is the irrefutable market leader in the local commercial janitorial and window cleaning space, offering a full range of professional cleaning services to customers of all sizes. Differentiating ourselves from the competition, is our unrivaled quality of service, complemented by the personal attention we extend to each of our customers.


Maintenance Unlimited, Inc. is a corporation that is owned and operated by Gabriel Nathan. Gabriel has the degree of a Bachelor of Business Administration and has been certified by the International Executives Housekeepers Association as a Registered Executive Housekeeper. For well over a decade, he has overseen all aspects of the business with the assistance of a very qualified management team. Under his leadership, the business has been very successful and has grown considerably.

Our office staff is always available by phone to give our customers the undivided attention necessary to fully address their needs and to answer any questions they may have. We encourage our customers to call us anytime and, out of respect for their time, always answer phone calls personally.

An account manager, with both a company vehicle and a company cell phone, is assigned to each account. They are instructed on the exact protocol, per the business guidelines and the bid specifications, to properly manage the particular account. They monitor the quality of work and supervise the crew at each building. The account manager personally sees the customer as frequently as once a week and may be on-site several times a week, as needed. By design, the work load of each account manager is kept light enough that they can prioritize the customer and spend more time at each account. They personally deliver paper goods, chemicals, and equipment to the cleaning staff and ensure they are never without any item necessary to provide proper and thorough cleaning. The account manager promptly addresses any special requests or issues that may arise and follows up with the customer immediately afterwards to ensure that everything has been handled to their complete satisfaction.


Maintenance Unlimited was founded in 1977 by Gabriel Nathan’s parents, Ben and Linda Nathan. With over 41 years of experience successfully operating in the El Paso area, the company has continued to adapt itself to changes in the market by adopting emerging technology and incorporating other best practices in order to stay on the cutting edge and continue to deliver the best value to our customers. We have grown considerably, greatly expanded the services we offer, built a loyal customer base, established a reputation as being the local cleaning company of choice, and defined ourselves as the market leader.


Continuously striving to exceed expectations

Being locally owned and operated, we are able to maintain excellent control over the quality of our service. Maintenance Unlimited takes extreme pride in our unsurpassed quality and believes that cannot be replicated in the same way by a company offering service in El Paso, but based elsewhere. We are able to personally cater to our customers and routinely inspect our buildings and monitor the performance of our employees.

professional-cleaning-companyOur account managers physically spend time at each of their accounts on a very regular basis. Frequently meeting with the customer allows for open dialogue regarding any quality concerns. Being on-site is also an important part of Maintenance Unlimited’s inspection process. Using smart phones and tablets, account managers complete a routine checklist specific to each account. Maintenance Unlimited generates inspection reports from the data collected during these inspections, providing information about the effectiveness of the cleaning crew’s work and identifying opportunities that may exist for improvement.

Quality control is also maintained by our tiered management approach. Cleaning crews are lead by an on-site supervisor and overseen by an account manager who reports to the owner. No crew is left without checks and balances. The arrival of staff is monitored each day and we ensure they always work the designated number of hours. Staff are always able to access a supervisor or member of management to answer any questions they may have or to support them in any way. Each employee is thereby closely managed and accountable.

Several other elements of our business protocol also guarantee that we continue to deliver top-quality service. We attend the BSCAI’s (Building Service Contractors Association International) Annual Convention to stay abreast of best practices and to learn about new products and equipment on the market. Maintenance Unlimited invests in high-end, up-to-date, specialty equipment. Every machine we use has been specifically designed for the application in which it is being used. This allows us to consistently provide our customers with the highest quality work and most professional result possible.


Maintenance Unlimited carries general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 and worker’s compensation insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence, and an excess umbrella of $1,000,000, for an aggregate of $2,000,000 in coverage.


Bonding so important because it provides a level of assurance and protection to your businesses and your customers. Our employees are bonded in the amount of $25,000.


We will be pleased to provide letters of recommendation from several of our customers upon request. We are also happy to have prospective customers accompany us on a tour of a building we already clean so they can assess the quality of the service we provide first hand.

Seeking a top-notch professional Janitorial Company?

Cleaning Staff

Following our initial application and hiring process, each employee is thoroughly trained. Employees always work in teams, allowing for both cross-training and ongoing accountability and integrity. Our cleaning staff is fully uniformed and wears a Maintenance Unlimited work smock for a clean appearance that identifies our employees, while complementing your professional work environment. Should a customer require employee badges or any additional employee screening, we are happy to accommodate those specific requests as well. Maintenance Unlimited pays all employees above the minimum wage, with periodic reviews and merit increases, paid vacations and holidays, as well as holiday bonuses. We have been able to maintain a very good employee retention rate, with several employees being employed by the company for more than a decade. That directly translates to a more experienced, capable and efficient workforce for our customers.

We have received numerous letters of commendation from our customers regarding the work of specific employees:

This letter is to inform your company about the work of Maria.  I am a tenure employee and have been with the agency over nine years. I have never seen our offices look so clean and orderly as I have since Maria has been on staff.  She is very efficient in her work. She goes out of her way to make sure the entire building is super clean.  The bathrooms are always in order, our break room is always clean and the whole office in general is, without a doubt, sparkling.  I would just like to comment on the great work Maria is doing for our office as we always hear the negative things but never the good.  I am glad she is on our team!

-Maria has worked for Maintenance Unlimited since March 1996.

Yesterday afternoon I lost two rings, not very expensive but dear to my heart.  I mentioned what happened to the evening custodian and asked her if she would look out for my rings and if by chance she came across them to please turn them into the security office.  This morning it was to my pleasant surprise that my rings had been found and returned.  All too often when things go missing the custodians are the first ones to be blamed.  This time, I want to be the first to thank the custodial staff, especially the employee who returned my rings, for her initiative, good work ethic and honesty.  Thank you!

It gives great pleasure to write this letter in reference to your fine employee, Bertha.  I wish to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent services provided by her.  Her professional competence, courtesy, and thoroughness in performing her duties is greatly appreciated by our staff. Thank you so much for your outstanding organization and please convey our sincere thanks to Bertha.

-Bertha has worked for Maintenance Unlimited since June 2000.

Please tell your cleaning crew thank you very much for being so honest.  Apparently, one of our employees had lost $60.00 in cash which he hadn’t even noticed and the next day he found an envelope on his desk with the cash inside with a note stating that the money was found on the floor under his desk. Please thank your crew for us and tell them we appreciate their honesty.

I want to let you know that I have been very impressed with the job that Jorge, the day porter has been doing each day. I run into him frequently and am very impressed with how much time and effort he puts into his cleaning duties. When he cleans the restrooms, they are CLEAN! He is very meticulous and thorough. I have told him that I think he does a great job and I want you to know as well.

-Jorge has worked for Maintenance Unlimited since October 2008.

I wanted to write you and let you know that one of our employees in HR lost her bracelet yesterday. I would like to commend your staff. They found the bracelet and put it back on her desk. She was ecstatic this morning when she saw the bracelet on her desk. I want you to know that we appreciate the professionalism and honesty your employees have shown.

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